As Genesis Defense is a ministry originated by Robbie Parsons, this page is designed to outline the scope of ministry for Genesis Defense as an organization and for Robbie Parsons as an individual.  This page is intended to answer questions that folks may have such as, “Do you do this,” or “Can you fill in this manner?”

The most obvious point of ministry for Robbie Parsons through Genesis Defense is that of a Biblical Creation Speaker.  This website is merely meant to be an online presence for web surfers, with visits being made by people from hundreds of countries.  But Robbie is also available for personal engagements, whether it be a church service, VBS, a special conference, or a small group meeting.  Just contact Robbie to schedule such an engagement.

As a minister ordained by a local West Virginia church body, Robbie Parsons is also available for Preaching and Teaching.  While Biblical Creation Speaking is obviously a large portion of his ministry, Robbie is very capable to fill the pulpit in the absense of a pastor or to fill as a guest speaker.  Having preached hundreds of messages, he is spiritually capable and competent to deliver a message that honors the Lord God Almighty.  His teaching ministry also had a long, deep history, serving a variety of age groups.

One part of ministry that is a particular passion for Robbie Parsons is Pastoral Care.  Whether it be visiting people in the hospital, visiting folks in assisted living centers or nursing homes, or holding devotion services in such facilities, Robbie enjoys meeting new people and ministering to them in this capacity.  His background with medical difficulties, both personal and family-related, give him a sensitive heart for those who encounter such adversities.

Robbie Parsons is available to perform Marriage Ceremonies.  He will generally want to perform some pre-marital counseling at the convenience of the couple.  A Godly marriage ceremony between one man and one woman is a form of worship that honors God’s intention for the establishing of a Godly family. It is the policy of Gensis Defense and the ministry of Robbie Parsons that any and all ministry oureach, including the performing of marriages, is restricted to religious purposes and standards expressed in the Statement of Faith Page.  Robbie is currently licensed in the state of West Virginia.  If you wish for him to perform a marriage in a different state, please allow him time to investigate the requirements of your state of choice.

Finally, Robbie Parsons is open to performing Funeral Services.  There are no specific requirements needed to perform such a service, but Robbie has spoken at a number of funerals, including graveside services.  Please contact as soon as possible in order to allow for scheduling.

For more information about how to contact Robbie Parsons in order to serve in any one of these capacities, please visit the Contact Me Page on this site.


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