Robbie Parsons is the founder and president of Genesis Defense, a ministry designed to allow the average Christian to possess the ability to defend their faith regarding Biblical Creation and the world-wide flood.  Please visit the Scope of Ministry Page to see specifics about the branches of ministry to which Robbie Parsons is open.

Robbie is a capable, engaging and passionate speaker.  He received his call to preach in October 2003, being licensed and ordained by a local church body in his home state of West Virginia.  He is also currently pursuing a Masters in Theology on a part time basis through distance learning.  In order to gain some insight about his stand on doctrinal teachings, please visit the Statement of Faith Page.

Throughout his spiritual life, Robbie has served his local churches by serving God through the capacity of a sound room technician, a teacher, an AWANA Club leader, a deacon, a Sunday School Superintendent, an assistant pastor, a church camp counselor and director, and a member of church council.  Outside the church, he has been privileged to serve as a member of the local board for Child Evangelism Fellowship, as well as a representative on the state board for CEF.  He has also served in the capacity of performing monthly chapel services at a local rescue mission shelter.

If you would like contact Robbie concerning any questions about his ministry, please visit the Contact Me Page.


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