I have written a brand new book, which is available on amazon.com.  The book is called “His Own WoHis Own Words coverrds: Defense of the Bible for the Average Joe Christian.”  It is available as paperback for $9.99 or as an e-book for $2.99.  To order it, just click here.


For the average Christian, defending the Bible’s teachings can be scary and daunting.  How does one answer questions that they always seem to get about the authenticity and authority of the Bible.  Questions and objections which are explored and explained include, “How do you know that it is all true?”  “Didn’t a bunch of men just write it?”  “It has been copied so many times – there is no way that it didn’t get tainted in the copying process.”


His Own Words is a book that provides answers using theology, apologetics, science, archaeology, and other disciplines, but makes it easy to read and digest.  Gone are all the big fancy, fluffy words that no one uses and present is a fun book that will give you tools to deepen your faith, improve your defense of the Bible.


Below are some excerpts from this acclaimed book…

“This sounds crazy doesn’t it?  It’s like we are asking God into our office and asking, ‘May I have your resume, please?’. . . If we can trust God, then we can trust His word, and if we can trust God’s Word, then we can trust Him.  To learn about God, we must trust the Bible . . .  Allowing God to tell us about Himself through His Word is the only way in which we can test His credentials and authority.”


“This definition [of prophecy] may fly in the face of those who give the quick answer that prophecy if foretelling the future.  But in the scriptural description, edify could e defined to speak to benefit a person or a group morally and /or spiritually . . . ‘But wouldn’t prophecy mean to tell the future, because look at all the prophecies that were fulfilled in the Old Testament?’  The answer to this insightful question would be that if one examines all the prophecies in the Old Testament, note that each one was given to the speaker or scribe as an effort to offer spiritual benefit, and urgent warning, or comfort.  It just so happened that the prophecies edified, exhorted and consoled the Israelites . . .”


“‘God-breathed’ is a curious selection of wording because when a person speaks, air from the lungs goes through the voice box.  The voice box has two membranes that vibrate as air goes through to make the various sounds and noises that we recognize as speech or oral communication.  Essentially, ‘inspired by God’ gives us a visual picture of God who has literally spoken to us, as if He came right down, sat next to us, and carried on a conversation one on one.”


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