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Ready in an Instant

“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.”  2 Timothy 4:2

The date was December 19, 1992.  A little school in Huntington, WV called Marshall University was playing for the NCAA Division 1-AA Football Championship.  Just 25 years earlier, their football program suffered a crippling loss when 75 players, coaches, and boosters died in a plane crash.  Now they were playing for a national championship.  The game was tied at 28-28 with seconds to go in the game.  The Thundering Herd decided to kick a field goal, but there was a twist to this story.  The kicker was Willie Merrick, who was substituting for his brother David.  Willie was a soccer player who had never kicked a field goal.  And now, Marshall’s championship hopes rested on his foot.  His kick sailed straight through the center of the uprights for the win.  Willie was certainly ready in an instant.

Paul was writing to young Timothy, who was a pastor leading a church Paul had planted.  Paul’s admonition to him was to “preach the word.”  He also encouraged Timothy to be “ready in season and out of season.”  While Timothy had been called to be a pastor and preach, Paul was cautioning him that he had to be ready to preach at a moment’s notice.

Such is the life in the witness of a disciple of Christ today.  We may not be called to get in a pulpit to deliver a message.  But to preach literally means “to proclaim.”  We may not deliver a message from the pulpit, but we must let our lives deliver a message.  Not only should we let our lives deliver a message, but we must be ready in an instant to share the good news of the gospel to those who need it.

You may never know when you may be called to kick the championship-winning field goal for God.  Be ready in an instant.


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