Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may a see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

As a kid growing up, one of my favorite superheroes was the Silver Surfer. He has a series that started in 1968 and ran for a little over a year. One of those issues, Silver Surfer #4, had a very short print run of only 100,000 copies. For collectors, it is a rare treasure to own. Today, you could expect to shell out at least $5 for a complete copy in horrible condition. The record price paid for one is currently $5,700.
As I had more disposable income, I happen to get one in decent shape with a part of the front cover torn out for $20. I was so proud to own such a rare commodity. When one of my comic book buddies would come over, I would show it off, and they would admire it with envy. I loved to put my prized possession on display! As I got older and started selling my comics off, I sold it on a website for over $100.
Jesus was speaking to a large crowd at the Sermon on the Mount when He told them to let their light shine in such a way that their good works were recognized as being inspired by God. He told them to put God on display. My prized possession of Silver Surfer #4 was put on display and others kind of wanted it, too. Our works should be done in such a way that it puts on a proper display of God, and makes others kind of want Him, too.
Let us determine to make our light so shine in order to properly display God to a world who needs Him so much!


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