“I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” – John 10:11

December 12, 2012.

This is the date of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that snuffed out the lives of 20 children and six adult staff members.  While there were children who tragically died during this senseless act, many more were saved by the brave, heroic actions of staff members at the school.  All six staff members who died did so while protecting the children.

These children were in grave danger, and the teachers selflessly put the well-being of the children in front of their own.  Sadly, many children died in spite of their efforts, including many of the children who they were attempting to protect.  But a handful of the protected students survived, thanks to the efforts of their dead protectors.

Jesus describes Himself as a shepherd in the scripture above.  But He is not just any shepherd, He is the good shepherd.  He explains that the sheep are in danger of attack at all times.  A hired-hand really doesn’t care about the sheep, and will turn tail to run when danger presents itself.  But the good shepherd does not run, but rather stays to defend and protect the sheep.

The reason Jesus makes the connection of being a shepherd is because He is not only the protector of the sheep, but He is the savior of the sheep.  Wickedness, evil and sin lurk behind the shadows, wishing to do no more than destroy the sheep.  But Jesus faced the wickedness, evil and sin only to be murdered on a cross.  But on the third day, He got the last laugh, as the blood that was shed for the forgiveness of sin once again flowed through His veins to give us eternal life.

Regrettably, many sheep will lose their chance at eternal life and eventually die, but a few will survive, thanks to the selfless efforts of the good shepherd – our protector and savior.



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