Profiles from the Resurrection: Nicodemus

Nicodemus is introduced in John 3 as a ruler of the Jews. He steals away in the middle of the night to come and acknowledge Jesus as a master (rabbi) and question Him about His teachings. Nicodemus undoubtedly comes at night so that he is not noticed by his fellow Pharisees, so he would not face ridicule. He tries to understand Jesus’ statements, asking “How can someone be born again,” and “How can these things be?”  After this, it seems that Nicodemus slips into the night, never to be seen again.


But if one pays careful attention to the Scripture, it is discovered that he does appear again.  Indeed, he shows up as he begins to “come out of the closet,” so to speak, when in John 7:50, he starts to defend Messiah to the Pharisees when they speak of trying Jesus.  Now, Nicodemus starts to face ridicule and rebuke for taking his stand.


Finally, we see Nicodemus taking a firm outward stand in John 19:39.  Along with Joseph of Arimatheaea, he takes the body of our Savior off the cross to embalm Him and bury Him.  This action likely would have him expelled as a ruler and Pharisee, as the Pharisees saw Jesus as “public enemy number one.”  However, it would seem that Nicodemus has come full circle in his faith.


Such seems to be the case for many true Christians.  We may have lingering doubts or questions in the beginning of our spiritual renewal as we search out answers.  Eventually, we test the waters a bit to see if our newfound faith is worth the persecution.  Finally, we should start to take a firm stand in our belief and conviction as we grow in the grace and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Are we taking a stand on the solid rock, and proclaiming our faith for the entire world to see?


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