“It is finished.”

I will never forget when my late wife and I had finally paid off our car after six long years of payments.  For better or worse, it was totally ours.  Fully and completely ours.  After we made the last payment to the bank, they sent us the title and a document that was our loan agreement.  At the top of that loan agreement was a stamp with a signature and a date hastily scribbled.  The stamp said, “PAID AND SATISFIED.”  It was a legal requirement to fully complete the debt that was paid and the obligation that had been satisfied.

The words “It is finished” are some of the last words that Jesus spoke before He committed His spirit to God the Father and gave up the ghost.  The Greek word for “It is finished” is derived from the word teleo.  This word has also been found on legal documents where a debt was owed and had been paid and satisfied.

How awesome it is to know that when Jesus uttered the word teleo, He was serving notice to God, satan and all mankind that He had completely paid our debt to sin and that the obligation for our souls had been satisfied.  Jesus paid it all.  My chains are gone, and I’ve been set free, because my God and my saviour has ransomed me!

“He who knew no sin, became sin for us…”


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