THERE IS HOPE (3/29/09-4/4/09)



“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  Psalms 30:5

My wife has been in the hospital recently, in a world class facility that is five hours from home.  The reasons for her hospitalization in such a dramatic fashion are too numerous to describe, but it has been a trial.  I have not been going to a hotel to spend the night, but rather I sleep somewhere in the hospital to save money and be near to her.

One early morning a week or two ago, I got to her room as the sun was beginning its daily approach to the horizon.  No lights were on in the room, her door was shut, and I pulled a chair over to the window to look outside and pray.

The sky was painted in various shades of orange that dissolved into blues and purples.  There was a hint of a few clouds that scattered just above the ground, creating a beautiful scene as they caught the light of the sun.  Just about the place in the sky where the orange turned to blue was a crescent moon, still shining its light for the last moments of the night.  I continued to watch as the daylight of the sun chased away the darkness, making the moon to disappear.

As I sat and watched in wonder during my prayer time, I thought that the cycle of the day routinely taking over the night has happened without fail for thousands of years.  God is in control of the rising and setting of the sun, and He makes sure it rises again the next day to take over the darkness.

How wonderful it is to know that God is in control when we endure trials and tribulations.  Everything that surrounds us in the middle of such chaotic storms may seek to destroy, but God has His hand on us, and is not surprised by anything that happens.  Thank God He is in control.

Not only is it a blessing to know that we have hope in knowing God is in control, but it is so encouraging to know that the darkness of the night cannot last forever.  Just as the moon seemed to hang on for all it was worth, the light of the day overcame its influence.

David made this similar observation in regards to trials and troubles when he wrote, “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  Life’s afflictions might try to hang on, but the light will surely eventually chase away the darkness.  Praise God for his promises!


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