“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1

Genesis is the book of beginnings.  In the first few chapters of Genesis, we meet the first humans, learn of the first sin, meet the first family, read about the first worship service and witness the first murder.  But the most important “first” is the first mention of God.

Many books have been written about apologetics, or proving the Christian faith and belief in God.  Fine authors such as C.S. Lewis, Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel have written excellent books laying out their argument for Christianity.  But of all the volumes that have been written, none can compare with the first 17 letters in our English version of the Holy Bible: “In the beginning, God…”  So powerful are these words that they were read during a Christmas Eve transmition from outer space.  They have also been printed on a USPS stamp with a picuture of the earth.

The power of these words is that they introduce God without question, apology or proof.  No proof is required as the Holy Bible assumes that God exists from the start.  There is no need to prove it, and the matter is not up for debate.  There is no allowance for political correctness in these words, as they speak the unabashed, undeniable truth:  God was already in existence, and always will continue to exist!

Not only are we introduced to elohim [Hebrew for God] who forgives, provides and promises, but we immediately learn of his creative power.  In His intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and power, He designs, engineers and creates a universe.  And He does it all with His voice!  From nothing, He makes everything.  From chaos, He designs the cosmos.  From a void, He creates a fullness.

We eventually learn that He creates mankind.  He first created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it for our pleasure.  He created man in His own image for His pleasure, so that we can walk with Him and talk with Him as our friend.

After so much sickness in my first wife’s life, we finally went on vacation to the beach about two years before she died.  We got to steal away for a few minutes for a walk, one on one and alone.  We got to talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company, one on one, with that special relationship that God intended us to share.  It was glorious.  We had missed it so much, and it was time well spent.

God wants that kind of relationship with us.  If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your saviour, why don’t you visit the Salvation page to learn how you can become a spiritual child of God.  If you do know Him as your saviour, and haven’t had that sweet walk with Him on the beach in a while, why don’t you resolve to change that today?


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