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The goal of Genesis Defense is to reach out to the average “Joe or Jane the Believer” and give him or her very simple, basic, logical evidence with which he or she can defend his or her faith in the Holy Bible and the teachings of creation and the Great Flood.

Genesis Defense is founded by Robbie Parsons, a licensed and ordained minister.  To learn more about Genesis Defense’s ministry and Robbie Parsons, please visit the About Me page.

Genesis Defense houses my Devotions as Recent Posts (on the sidebar at the right).  New Devotions are added from time to time, usually weekly, if not monthly.  Less recent devotions can always be accessed in monthly Archives.  The Genesis Defense Facebook page shares devotions and articles on weekends.

This website houses information about the Statement of Faith.  It tells you the basic beliefs on which this ministry stands.

Included on this site is a section about Lessons and Workshops.  All of the creation Lessons and Workshops are on Powerpoint, and handouts are always available upon prior request.  There are pictures of the title screen of the individual presentations, along with its title and a brief description.

Please visit the Contact page to learn how to schedule Robbie Parsons for a speaking engagement.  Also, comments and questions can be relayed using these methods.

May God bless you on your quest to learn the truth about creation, and how to defend it in everyday terms while living everyday life.

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